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Arthur has a Special for Teachers


With your purchase of any Wanderful storybooks for Mac OS X, we now include the Classroom Activities Guides.  For these Mac computer versions, you get all the fun, all the languages plus the Activities Guides without the additional in-App Premium purchases otherwise required for the corresponding mobile Apps.

Interactive Storybook Apps

Fun-packed educational apps that come to life with stories, music and games to engage young minds.


When an owl disturbs Stella's home, this love able baby bat is saved by and raised by birds. She learns the ways of birds, but eventually, Stella grows to discover her true identity and the readers see how differences can be virtues, even in the same family.


by Janell Cannon           NOW AVAILABLE

Living Books StellaLuna App

Ruff's Bone

Ruff’s Bone is an offbeat adventure of Ruff’s far-ranging hunt to find his bone. His determined search leads into a cave, high up in the clouds, back to the bottom of the ocean and even up a ladder to another planet. Will he find his bone?


by Eli Noyes


Living Books Ruff'sBone App

Berenstain Bears In The Dark

A spooky story Brother Bear reads to Sister Bear keeps her, and eventually the entire family up all night long. The next day, Papa shows Sister how to take charge of her imagination and in the end it’s Brother who is a little afraid in the dark.


by Stan and Jan Berenstain


Living Books Bears in the Dark App

Arthur's Birthday

A story of how children sometimes feel they must choose between friends. Arthur and Muffy are each planning their birthday parties for next Saturday afternoon. How will their friends decide which to attend?


by Mark Brown

Living Books Arthur App

The Tortoise and The Hare

In this classic Aesop’s fable, the Tortoise proves that being slow and steady wins the race. Join him as he accepts the much faster Hare’s challenge to a race, one that doesn’t turn out as the Hare had planned.


Aesop's Fable

Living Books Tortoise Hare App

Little Monster at School

2012 "A Matter of App" AWARD WINNER. A story about making a new friend. Join Little Monster on a fun-filled day at school as he explores different subjects with his classmates and makes friends with Yally, an often difficult fellow student.


by Mercer Meyer

Living Books LittleMonster App

Arthur’s Teacher Trouble

Children's Technology Review EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD winner. A story about studying hard and working towards your goals. Arthur learns to cope with his strict new teacher, Mr. Ratburn and compete in a school-wide Spelling Bee. Will he study hard for the competition?


by Marc Brown


Living Books Arthur App

Harry and the Haunted House

Children's Technology Review EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD winner.  A slightly "spooky" tale of how sometimes the scariest thing in the house is our own imagination. Join Harry and his friends as they retrieve their baseball lost in the “haunted” house across the field.


by Mark Schlichting

Living Books Harry Haunted App

Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight

A small argument escalates to the point where neither Brother nor Sister Bear can remember what they were fighting about in the first place. Will Mama Bear’s calm logic help them get along again?


by Stan and Jan Berenstain

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Living Books Bears Fight App

The New Kid on The Block

Children learn the meaning of words by exploring poems. They'll meet an ugly dog, a leaking baby and the exploding "Bloders". They giggle at the antics of a chorus line of 40 dancing bananas and laugh as fearless Tillie eats her fiery chili. Packed with songs and much more!


by Jack Prelutsky, the first ever U.S.

Children's Poet Laureate”.

Living Books NewKid App

Developed from the original Living Books collection, these engaging storybooks are insanely fun, interactive and timeless. You simply can not wear them out and the dog won't chew them up.

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What People Are Saying

“It is my great pleasure to inform you that your product has been awarded the Editor's Choice Award as printed in the latest edition of Children's Technology Review.”  - Warren Buckleitner

Award given to:  Harry and the Haunted House App

“Everything I touch is interactive… one of my favorite things is that this is bilingual.”  - Laurie Schacht, Toy Insider Mom on ABC Money Matters

(view video review on ABC here)

“This is one of the best designed interactive children's books I've ever seen, and time was taken to get every small detail absolutely right.”

- David Winograd, reviewing Harry and the Haunted House

(see complete review here)

                             “This is a really cute and relatable story, with some great interactive features.  It includes a fully functional Spanish version -any text in the illustrations change to Spanish too! ”

- Cynthia Chiong, A Matter Of App, reviewing Little Monster

(see complete review here)

“I'm so excited that these favorites, these best examples of what children's software can be, will be coming to a new generation of emerging readers.”

- Reyne Rice, Toy Trend Expert, Consultant, Journalist & Media Spokesperson

"I am excited to see these engaging interactive versions of my books available to kids everywhere once again. Thanks Wanderful!”

- Marc Brown, Author of the Arthur series of books

" Parents & grandparents who remember the original magic of the Living Books, and new parents and gift-givers, who will be introduced to them, will all be thrilled to share these interactive storybooks with the children in their lives".

- James Oppenheim, James Games

"I'm glad they're making these products accessible. Children learn through different modalities. There is research indicating that children with autism have learned successfully through products displayed on tablets. "It's a good idea to make learning more accessible to children. If it's fun and interesting for them to learn, so much the better".

- Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, AKA "Dr. Toy"

(see complete review here)

Classroom Activity Guides

Activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards bring the interactive storybooks to life in your class.

Wanderful Classroom Activites Guides

Classroom Activity guides are available as an in-app purchase, click to download the free preview


Applications that teach children about Language

The Wanderful Interactive storybooks are being released in new languages and language combinations. Language as a central part of what makes these apps special - including the ability to instantly switch between the languages in each app. They are now available in the following full language versions: UK English

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