Wanderful Interactive Storybooks

It's a Wanderful Mission

Wanderful seeks to inspire young and emerging readers to build a lasting love of language, reading and learning through highly interactive multilingual storybook apps with integrated lesson plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We strive to: 

  1. The Berenstain 

Bears Get In a FightEngage children with each story by filling every storybook with animation, sound and musical antics that support the story.
  2. Give life to all words on each page by highlighting them when spoken and allowing young readers to build original phrases by tapping and hearing the words individually.
  3. Expose children to multiple languages from any storybook page.
  4. Integrate the story experience into the classroom curricula with activities that expand on the storybook themes.

wander + wonderful = Wanderful

Wanderful: The freedom to be yourself and play inside the story. Wanderful is whimsical and uninhibited, inspiring young readers to wander through the stories, finding wonder as they explore each and every page.

The Wanderful Story

Wanderful CEO Mickey W. Mantle, embarked on a journey to revive the award-winning Living Books the moment he saw the first iPad announced by his old boss Steve Jobs. He knew it represented the right platform upon which to introduce a new generation of kids to these classic interactive experiences. And he was no stranger to these titles; Mickey oversaw the original Living Books technology development as Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer at Brøderbund Software in the 1990s.

So he reached out to Mark Schlichting – creator of the Living Books series – and attracted a small team of the original Brøderbund programmers to create the prototype for a new generation of technology that could take the animation, graphics, sound, and music from the original Living Books CD-ROMs and play them back at full-screen resolution on the iPad using a touch, rather than a mouse driven interface.

Mickey approached Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the eventual successor to Brøderbund and owner of Living Books, and to the authors of the original stories to secure the rights to republish the new and improved titles. Meanwhile, the team built a multi-platform engine that again innovates beyond expectation, with new features such as dynamically changing languages from any page in the story. The engine delivers a level of character animation not seen in many other titles today; as in the original Living Books, when something is tapped it doesn't just move, it comes to life.

All in all, it has taken more than two years to secure the rights, enhance the products and launch Wanderful Interactive Storybooks so that a new generation of children around the world can enjoy these amazing educational experiences.

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We hope you'll like the results.

A detailed history of Living Books and Wanderful

  What people are saying

“It is my great pleasure to inform you that your product has been awarded the Editor's Choice Award as printed in the latest edition of Children's Technology Review.” (See the award here)
Warren Buckleitner, award given to Harry and the Haunted House

“Everything I touch is interactive… one of my favorite things is that this is bilingual.” (view video here)
Laurie Schacht, Toy Insider Mom on ABC Money Matters

“This is one of the best designed interactive children's books I've ever seen, and time was taken to get every small detail absolutely right.” (Read the review here)
David Winograd, reviewing Harry and the Haunted House

“It includes a fully functional Spanish version (any text in the illustrations change to Spanish too!)” (Read the review here)
Cynthia Chiong, A Matter Of App (in 5 Star rating for Little Monster)

“I'm so excited that these favorites, these best examples of what children's software can be, will be coming to a new generation of emerging readers.”
Reyne Rice, Toy Trend Expert, Consultant, Journalist & Media Spokesperson

"I am excited to see these engaging interactive versions of my books available to kids everywhere once again. Thanks Wanderful!”
Marc Brown, Author of the Arthur series of books

“Parents & grandparents who remember the original magic of the Living Books, and new parents and gift-givers, who will be introduced to them, will all be thrilled to share these interactive storybooks with the children in their lives".
James Oppenheim, JamesGames  Click here to see the full story

"I'm glad they're making these products accessible. Children learn through different modalities. There is research indicating that children with autism have learned successfully through products displayed on tablets. "It's a good idea to make learning more accessible to children. If it's fun and interesting for them to learn, so much the better."
Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, AKA "Dr. Toy"   Click here to see the full story

Contact Us

800 823 0637 toll free within USA                    from outside the USA, please call 415 223 1155

Journalists, Media and Bloggers:      media@wanderfulstorybooks.com

For Product Support:      support@wanderfulstorybooks.com

The Team

Mickey W. Mantle

— Founder, President and CEO of Wanderful interactive storybooks

Mickey sets strategic vision and oversees day-to-day operations for Wanderful. Mickey had the foresight to license the exclusive rights to the beloved Living Books series of interactive storybooks, and revive these titles and others as enhanced mobile apps, as well as for the latest and popular versions of Mac and Windows computers.Mickey sets strategic vision and oversees day-to-day operations for Wanderful. more >>>

Mark Schlichting

— Vice President and Chief Creative Officer

Mark Schlichting is a well-known pioneer of the children's multimedia and interactive design industry. As an expert in children's interactive design with more than 30 years of design, publishing and creative management experience, he holds more than 80 awards for excellence in entertainment and education. Serving as Chief Creative Officer of Wanderful, Mark was deeply involved more >>>

Bill Hensley

— Vice President of Marketing

Bill Hensley leads marketing at Wanderful. He's been working in and around the youth market for most of his career, most recently driving brand integrations, music production and website design for social animation developer NetToons and leading brand development and licensing for fashion-brand-of-action Army Pink. Bill is probably best known for his long tenure at Sanrio more >>>

Lucinda Ray

— Education Specialist

Lucinda Ray, educational consultant and editor for the Classroom Activities for Wanderful, has alternated throughout her career between classroom teaching and educational software development. more >>>

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