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Arthur’s Birthday is a story of how children sometimes feel they must choose between friends. Arthur and Muffy are each planning their birthday parties for next Saturday afternoon. How will their friends decide which to attend?

Read and play with the fully animated pages, where everything comes to life for hours of delightful story fun. Arthur’s Birthday is a heart-warming story of how Arthur creates a solution that includes everyone.

US English with Spanish story content included and French story content available as an in-app upgrade, or UK English with French included and German available as an upgrade.

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About Living Books

Originally introduced in 1992 by Broderbund Software, Living Books were the industry’s first highly interactive animated storybooks embraced by educators, praised by parents and cherished by children. Years ahead of their time, the multi-language Living Books won numerous awards and were cited for their ground-breaking technology in keynote addresses by senior executives of both Apple and Microsoft. Twenty years later, Wanderful has assembled key members of the original Living Books team to re-invent the wildly popular interactive storybooks for today's digital devices.

  What people are saying

“It is my great pleasure to inform you that your product has been awarded the Editor's Choice Award as printed in the latest edition of Children's Technology Review.” (See the award here)
Warren Buckleitner, award given to Harry and the Haunted House

“Everything I touch is interactive… one of my favorite things is that this is bilingual.” (view video here)
Laurie Schacht, Toy Insider Mom on ABC Money Matters

“This is one of the best designed interactive children's books I've ever seen, and time was taken to get every small detail absolutely right.” (Read the review here)
David Winograd, reviewing Harry and the Haunted House

“It includes a fully functional Spanish version (any text in the illustrations change to Spanish too!)” (Read the review here)
Cynthia Chiong, A Matter Of App (in 5 Star rating for Little Monster)

“I'm so excited that these favorites, these best examples of what children's software can be, will be coming to a new generation of emerging readers.”
Reyne Rice, Toy Trend Expert, Consultant, Journalist & Media Spokesperson

"I am excited to see these engaging interactive versions of my books available to kids everywhere once again. Thanks Wanderful!”
Marc Brown, Author of the Arthur series of books

“Parents & grandparents who remember the original magic of the Living Books, and new parents and gift-givers, who will be introduced to them, will all be thrilled to share these interactive storybooks with the children in their lives".
James Oppenheim, JamesGames  Click here to see the full story

"I'm glad they're making these products accessible. Children learn through different modalities. There is research indicating that children with autism have learned successfully through products displayed on tablets. "It's a good idea to make learning more accessible to children. If it's fun and interesting for them to learn, so much the better."
Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, AKA "Dr. Toy"   Click here to see the full story


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